Mysql stored procedure is slower 20 times than standard query

In SP total 10 update query. But i run direct query it run faster and in SP time is increased. I think time consuming return the number of records affected (1654640 row(s) affected This count is all 10 query affected row). So how to stop this total row(s) affected

  • if we dont need that much the database server to return the number of records affected after executing any dml statements which actually reduces the performance ,we can use set nocount on -set nocount off before and after writing the sql query,

Answer Answered by Daniel Black in this comment.

Asking how to stop a query affecting so many rows sounds like the wrong question. An UPDATE should have a well defined amount of rows affected by the query. Do you really need to update so many rows to achieve your business function?

I cannot guess how a SP time would be different to a direct query. If you can construct a repeatable test case to show this please create a bug report. If the direct query is doing it faster, then why not just use that?

Without details I cannot answer other performance questions.


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