Comments - mysql_install_db.exe

2 years, 3 months ago codejq1203

if you try to use mysql_install_db.exe will installed database if it fail to create the user database it will delete the hole data dir and delete all the database to replicate this first install the service then use sc stop <servicename> sc delete <servicename> then install the service again using mysql_install_db.exe --datadir=C:\db --service=MyDB --password=secret it will fail with error can't create database then use the same command again mysql_install_db.exe --datadir=C:\db --service=MyDB --password=secret this will delete the hole data dir and all the databases there so please try to fix this echo

7 months ago Aaron Mason

That might be because you're not supposed to use that command for upgrades, you're supposed to use mysql_upgrade_service.exe for this. Just did this on one of my server instances and it was almost entirely pain-free. Very happy with the result.

2 years ago masterseoonline3894

bumb, OMG everything was gone...... You are absolutely right, thats way I am here, to get the solution how to restore it

2 years, 3 months ago Ian Gilfillan

I suggest rather reporting this as a bug where someone can try to recreate.

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