ODBC/Win7/MS Access 2016 and Linux MariaDB

Using ODBC Win7/Access 2016 and MySql 5.3.4 driver (had to revert back to older driver to get ODBC connection) to Linux/MariaDB. Problem- Table Views. When table is larger than 255 fields Access cannot read and requires a table view to split the table. It is my understanding that the table view uses the underlying table primary key therefore, one is not designated in the view.

ODBC call fails if the primary key is designated when creating the link in Access. If no primary key is designated, ODBC call functions however in read only mode preventing updates. Connection to all standard tables function in edit mode works. Have tried multiple drivers including mariadb driver in Win10/Office 365 on local machine which does not function. Not sure if it is our set up or ongoing bug but this occurred within the last 30 days. Connection had been functioning correctly to that point. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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