Comments - OQGRAPH not in 5.3?

10 years, 4 months ago Nandish A
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How do we install qgraph on 5.3 for mac OSX Mountain lion. I followed the steps given using brew and everything went well. When i tried installing the qsearch plugin, I get this eror

MariaDB [tenw_beta_dev]> INSTALL PLUGIN oqgraph SONAME ''; ERROR 1126 (HY000): Can't open shared library '/usr/local/Cellar/mariadb/5.5.28/lib/plugin/' (errno: 2 dlopen(/usr/local/Cellar/mariadb/5.5.28/lib/plugin/, 2): image not found)

The file was not found in that location. How do we get that so for macOSX

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