Comments - Percona XtraBackup Overview

9 years, 1 month ago Elena Stepanova

If you are getting errors like this

140208 23:23:03 [Note] Found 1 prepared transaction(s) in InnoDB
140208 23:23:03 [ERROR] Found 1 prepared transactions! It means that mysqld was not shut down properly last time and critical recovery information (last binlog or tc.log file) was manually deleted after a crash. You have to start mysqld with --tc-heuristic-recover switch to commit or rollback pending transactions.
140208 23:23:03 [ERROR] Aborting

while using XtraBackup with MariaDB 5.5 or higher, you most likely need to upgrade XtraBackup to a 2.1.7+ version. See more details in the bug report. Also, please note that the last comment there of 2014-01-06 about multiple XA engines can be easily misunderstood. The problem can appear even if you are not using any other XA-capable engines.

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