Problem with my set file my.cnf

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my.cnf file from MariaDB. I created a rpm to deploy MariaDB 5.5.52 automatically with an already set my.cnf file. (file located in /etc/my.cnf). Automatically, the original MariaDB file at installation is kept somewhere else under my.cnf.origin because the program deploy my set file my.cnf. I want to make an SSL connection to MariaDB. The certificates are well created and located in /etc/mysql-ssl (with the necessary rights of course). However, I get:

| Variable_name | Value    |
| have_openssl  | DISABLED |
| have_ssl      | DISABLED |
| ssl_ca        |          |
| ssl_capath    |          |
| ssl_cert      |          |
| ssl_cipher    |          |
| ssl_key       |          |

However, when I use the original file of MariaDB, everything works (I added the 3 more lines for the certificates links in my.cnf.origin that I moved in /etc) I get that and it's great:

| Variable_name | Value                          |
| have_openssl  | YES                            |
| have_ssl      | YES                            |
| ssl_ca        | /etc/mysql-ssl/ca-cert.pem     |
| ssl_capath    |                                |
| ssl_cert      | /etc/mysql-ssl/server-cert.pem |
| ssl_cipher    |                                |
| ssl_key       | /etc/mysql-ssl/server-key.pem  |

Is it possible to use my file which has exactly the same content as that of an original file generated by MariaDB? The rights are exactly the same for my.cnf files (whether it's the original one or the one I created).

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Alex.

Answer Answered by Anel Husakovic in this comment.

So far as I understand you, you will have to create a new user specific file located in `/home/user/` called `.my.cnf`. For further information please read more about the option files Please see more about `--defaults-file=#myfile`, which only read default options from the given file `#myfile`.


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