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9 years ago Elena Stepanova

You have a typo in your mysqltest command line:


So, mysqltest in fact attempts to connect to a database named name=mariadb_test rather than mariadb_test which you meant, and throws the error message accordingly:

Access denied for user 'mariadb'@'localhost' to database 'name=mariadb_test' ]

Regardless of this problem, if you want to find more information about MySQL Test framework, there is a good manual for it.

9 years ago David Favor

Geez... I will now shuffle off into the corner + stand in shame...

Test running now.

Thanks for straightening me out!

9 years ago David Favor

Hum... Still confused...

Looks like mysqltest expects to read some test file from STDIN or by passing --test-file=filename.

No clear indication where these files live or their relation.

Nor is there any clear indication about the difference between + mysqltest.

So, please update this question with a link to where test files to feed mysqltest are described.


9 years ago Elena Stepanova

mysqltest is a rather low-level technical tool which requires some background. If you simply want to test your build or installation without bothering yourself with reading documentation, then you just need to run make test or or both, and they will take care of finding the test files, establishing relationships between them and so on.

If you want to run the naked interpreter such as mysqltest, you will have to learn the basics first. Once again, you can find a very thorough manual for the whole framework here: MySQL Test Framework. Please read it.

9 years ago David Favor


I'll read through the Test Framework docs.

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