Comments - Replication and Binary Log System Variables

1 year, 5 months ago Oli Sennhauser

When we change auto_increment_increment and/or auto_increment_offset online with SET GLOBAL this affects only new connections. Old existing connections still work with the old values for aii and aio.

This is not really what I expected...

4 months, 3 weeks ago Andrei Elkin

Hallo, Oli!

That's because this type of variables belongs to the @@global/@@session class. And its semantics was settled long time ago so the session first initializes its private instance from the current value of the overall system-wide @@global "parent". And *then* it is free to change its @@session. So if one would prefer a behavior like you did then the freedom of making changes obviously suffers a lot. In such use case the variable would had to be defined as a pure @@global. However, I don't see as impossible to merge two perceptions with introduction of a magic value to the global instance of the @@global/@@session that would turn it into the pure @@global class.

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