Comments - Should GROUP BY require ORDER BY in columnstore?

5 years, 2 months ago Mike Thibodeau

Thanks Andrew, I had originally tested this as one query. I should have pasted in this query,

SELECT DAY(timestamp_),FORMAT(SUM(numeric_val),4), FORMAT(AVG(numeric_val),4) 
    FROM cs1
    WHERE timestamp_ >= '2017-09-01 00:00:00' AND timestamp_ < '2017-10-01 00:00:00'
       AND id IN (228091,228231,228233,227867,228216,228241)
      GROUP BY DAY(timestamp_) ASC;

I separated it hoping to get past the max_length_for_sort_data problem. This query executes if the columns 'Total' and 'Average' are not formatted.

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