Snchronizing MONyog on two servers

Is it possible to monitor MariaDB database from two servers where MONyog is installed and keep them synchronized. By Synchronization i mean if i add a new monitor on one server then that monitor should automatically be added on the second server?? This is important as if one server where monitoring is done goes down MONyog wil stop monitoring the database.

Answer Answered by Sibin AS in this comment.

It is not possible to synchronise the monitors between two MONyog instances.

A workaround would be to copy the “Counters.def” file under the MONyog folder of one MONyog instance to another. The “Counters.def” file will have the details regarding the counters that were added/created in MONyog. The MONyog folder can be found at the following path based on the corresponding OS,

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Webyog\MONyog\Counters.def

In Linux (For .rpm): /usr/local/MONyog/Counters.def

In Linux (For .tar.gz) Goto the directory where MONyog package is exctracted.. i.e., <MONyog exctracted folder>/Counters.def

You may also write to if you have any queries. Sibin (Webyog)


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