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1 year ago Henrik Erlandsson

My mariadb table INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SPATIAL_REF_SYS holds two records:

SRID AUTH_NAME AUTH_SRID SRTEXT -1 Not defined -1 "LOCAL_CS[""Spatial reference wasn't specified"",LOCAL_DATUM[""Unknown"",0],UNIT[""m"",1.0],AXIS[""x"",EAST],AXIS[""y"",NORTH]]" 0 EPSG 404000 "LOCAL_CS[""Wildcard 2D cartesian plane in metric unit"",LOCAL_DATUM[""Unknown"",0],UNIT[""m"",1.0],AXIS[""x"",EAST],AXIS[""y"",NORTH],AUTHORITY[""EPSG"",""404000""]]"

If there are any support for spatial analysis taking different SRIDs in account one need the ability to handle data captured and stored in other SRIDs than those two. In reallity those two records does not define any valid geographic coordinate system and can only be used as -1 a single undefined coordinate system (tihs may be well-defined to the db owner) or 0 in a limited local area.

Generally, working with geo-data one have handle data in different coordinate systems where spatial operations need the ability to take different SRIDs into account.

For a start EPSG:4326 (WGS84 lat/lon) and EPSG:3857 (Web Mercator used by Google Maps etc.) My specific need is using EPSG:3006 (SWEREF99TM).

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