This page is part of the book SQL-99 Complete, Really, by Peter Gulutzan & Trudy Pelzer. The authors have graciously allowed us to reproduce the contents of the book here. Because the book is about the SQL-99 standard, the contents of this and other pages in the book may not directly apply to MariaDB. Use the navigation bar to navigate the book.

The ALTER MODULE statement lets you change a Module's definition. The required syntax for the ALTER MODULE statement is as follows.

ALTER MODULE <Module name>
   {ADD | DROP} <Module contents> ...

ALTER MODULE changes an existing Module. <Module contents> can be a function, a procedure or any of the other things that might be part of a Module (exceptions, handlers, variables, Cursors, declared Tables and so on).

Here's an example of an ALTER MODULE statement:

ALTER Module Employees_Module
  DROP PROCEDURE Insert_Employees;

After the execution of this ALTER MODULE statement, the EMPLOYEES_MODULE Module will have only two procedures left: Delete_Employees and Update_Employees.


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