ST_Transform missing?

Hi there,

I just started using MariaDB. Mainly because of the support for GIS. But now I am trying to reproject some geometric objects and I find out there is no ST_Transform function?

How can this be? I need it ;-)

Is there another function for it? Or will there be support for it soon? I am now using 10.0.11

Thanks for the reply.


Answer Answered by Hartmut Holzgraefe in this comment.

So far the SRID property is just a dummy in MySQL, it is stored as part of a geometries meta data but all actual calculations ignore it and calculations are done assuming Euclidean (planar) geometry.

So ST_Transform would not really do anything at this point anyway.

I think the same is still true for MariaDB, at least the knowldege base page for the SRID() function still says so:


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