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Continuing the tradition of having a storage engine summit (see notes from 2010) after the O'Reilly MySQL Conference, this year it has been decided that the focus of the summit to be expanded.


The Facebook Campus, 1601 S. California Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94304.

For directions, use Google Maps. However, if you're at the O'Reilly MySQL Conference, you can take the light rail from the conference center to Mountain View and then Caltrain from Mountain View to the California Ave exit and then walk 1 mile to the Facebook campus.

Date and Time

April 15 2011, from 10am - 4pm. Lunch will be served, courtesy of Facebook.

Target Audience

Developers who are writing storage engines and plugins, knowing the plugin architecture of either MySQL, the extensions in MariaDB as well as the differences in Drizzle. User defined function (UDF) writers are welcome too.

Its expanded from just an invited audience of MySQL storage engine vendors this year.

Seats are limited to twenty-four (24) attendees.

Who's Attending

If you're attending, this is the signup form! Please fill up your name, email address, company, and any other contact information you may have (like Facebook, Twitter). You will need to login to the Knowledgebase (OpenID login is available).

  1. Michael "Monty" Widenius, monty at askmonty dot org, Monty Program Ab
  2. Sergei Golubchik, serg at askmonty dot org, Monty Program Ab
  3. Colin Charles, colin at montyprogram dot com, Monty Program Ab, @bytebot, fb:bytebot
  4. Zardosht Kasheff, zardosht at gmail dot com, Tokutek
  5. Mark Callaghan, mdcallag at gmail dot com, Facebook
  6. Paul McCullagh, paul dot mccullagh at primebase dot org, PrimeBase
  7. Konstantin Osipov, kostja dot osipov at gmail dot com, Mail.Ru
  8. Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin, sanja at askmonty dot org, Monty Program Ab
  9. Bradley C. Kuszmaul,, Tokutek
  10. Felix Schupp,, BlackRay Data Engine, fb:fschupp
  11. Hartmut Holzgraefe, hartmut@php,net
  12. Timour Katchaounov, timour at askmonty dot org, Monty Program Ab
  13. praburam upendran,, scaledb
  14. Rich Kelm, richard at sphinxsearch dot com, Sphinx Search
  15. Antony T Curtis, atcurtis at gmail dot com, Blizzard Entertainment and Open Query.


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