Comments - MySQL: Number of on-disk temporary tables created per second is high (over 10 for 5m)

1 week, 6 days ago Branislav Dobrotka

Hi pls can I ask You if it is some tools or how to analyzed size of tmp_table_size amd max_head_table_size . I increased it gradually up to 2GB but still the some event fro zabix . Do you have any idea pls ?

thank you Brano

1 week, 5 days ago Daniel Black

Per aria_used_for_temp_tables the MEMORY STORAGE engine is used for temporary tables.

One of its restrictions is that it cannot support text/blob types (MDEV-19), and because of this, JOINs create with these tables will go to disk.

Using log_slow_filter=tmp_table_on_disk, long_query_time=0 and an enabled slow query log will identify which query is related.

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