Comments - Suppress MariaDB 11 deprecation warnings

10 months ago Sergei Golubchik

The output (XML too) is printed to stdout, while warnings and errors go to stderr. Don't redirect both to the same file, otherwise you might get a broken XML

10 months ago Daniel Black

And while taking advantage of a change, follow the deprecation warning and use mariadb instead.

10 months ago Dimas Streich

As I have already said, the problem is not that I am using one command or another, but the integration of programs like Zabbix that still use the mysql* command. I believe there should be an option to disable these warnings, but for now I has changed the Zabbix code to solve it, temporarily.

10 months ago Daniel Black


Lucky the Agent2 version of Zabbix does probing of the database direct via SQL run by the

So it doesn't matter even if the mysql/mariadb/mysql_admin/mariadb-admin clients aren't there.

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