Can't login anymore over ssh with options `skip-name-resolve` and `skip-host-cache`

that options was required because one of your mysql servers had a problem with master-master-clustering and the other server's ip (instead of hostanme, message: "[Warning] IP address '...' could not be resolved: Temporary failure in name resolution")

but now i can't access it anymore with ssh


- "Accesse denied for user 'xxx'@'::1'" when i use mysql server name "localhost" over ssh

- "Access denied for user 'xxx'@''" when i use mysql server name "" over ssh

why that? i would say "127.0.01" is NOT a hostname, because of `skip-name-resolve`??

thx for feedback.

regards, jan

Answer Answered by Daniel Black in this comment.

On the assumption that you are using SSH port forwarding, instead of connecting to localhost:3306, connect to the unix socket by using its path instead of the remotehost:remoteport in the options..


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