Comments - Too many key parts specified; max 16 parts allowed

1 month, 2 weeks ago John Kimathi
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Line 129 is the one below that goes like....... CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `KIMATHI`.`OpportunityBase` (

See the snipette below.

<<code [inline={true}] [indent=L] [wrap={true}]>>
  `OpportunityId` VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
  `PriceLevelId` VARCHAR(64) NULL,
  `OpportunityRatingCode` INT NULL,
  `PriorityCode` INT NULL,
  `Name` VARCHAR(300) CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' NULL,
  `StepId` VARCHAR(64) NULL,
  `Description` LONGTEXT CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' NULL,
  `EstimatedValue` DECIMAL(19,4) NULL,
  `StepName` VARCHAR(200) CHARACTER SET 'utf8mb4' NULL,
  `SalesStageCode` INT NULL,
  `ParticipatesInWorkflow` TINYINT(1) NULL DEFAULT 0,
  `PricingErrorCode` INT NULL,
  `EstimatedCloseDate` DATETIME(6) NULL,
  `CloseProbability` INT NULL,
  `ActualValue` DECIMAL(19,4) NULL,
  `ActualCloseDate` DATETIME(6) NULL,
  `OwningBusinessUnit` VARCHAR(64) NULL,
  `OriginatingLeadId` VARCHAR(64) NULL,
  `CreatedOn` DATETIME(6) NULL,
  `IsPrivate` TINYINT(1) NULL DEFAULT 0,
  `CreatedBy` VARCHAR(64) NULL,
Also note there are several other columns that follow the last column 
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