Upgrade to JDBC Driver version 3.0.5 perfornance regression


Upgrading JDBC Driver from version 3.0.4 to version 3.0.5 introduce a performance regression. It's seems like using the following URL Parameter that the Driver no longer switch to Bulk Insert (My got feeling not yet confirmed). After a rollback perfomance is back

URL Parameter : useBulkStmts=true&useCompression=true&useServerPrepStmts=true&useSSL=true&trustServerCertificate=false&enabledSslProtocolSuites=TLSv1.3

Against both database version 10.4.x and database 10.6.x I can reproduce the problem. So it does not seems to be related to newly binary protocol introduce in 10.6.x

Any advice on how to fix the regression or to come with clear evidence that the Bulk Insert mode is not in use ?


Answer Answered by Diego Dupin in this comment.

indeed, See https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/CONJ-976 that describe the problem. This will be corrected in 3.0.6. Until then, setting option `allowLocalInfile` to false will revert the problem


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