Upgrading from 10.1.32 version to 10.3.7

Is it possible to upgrade from 10.1.x to 10.3.x directly in one step? or I have to upgrade first to 10.2. x then to 10.3.x.

Please it is so important question regarding upgrading our production MariaDB servers and I couldn't find any answer or notes regarding upgrade from 10.1 series to 10.3 series.

So i have to do it as follow: 10.1.32 --> 10.2.16 10.2.16 --> 10.3.7 or once 10.1.32 --> 10.3.7

Answer Answered by Milad Hamid in this comment.

Based on some answers in MariaDB community and other forums:

In general, for any upgrade for a critical production environment:

The best approach is to use or create a test environment that is as close as possible to your production environment and test the upgrade there. Make backups and prepare a rollback so you are ready to undo your changes For MariaDB specifically: to quote from other related questions on their support pages:

The main concern with skipping versions is that, while upgrading one major version is usually well-tested, skipping versions is not, so you may bump into an incompatibility

Even if you find anecdotal indications that it worked for others, a database engine like MariaDB has possible complexities with different storage engines and the like that might make it more tricky in certain setups than in others. https://stackoverflow.com/a/51629536/4447579


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