Using C connector without mysql_config

Hi everybody,

I am moving from mysql to MariaDB. With mysql I was linking the C connector to my application with 'mysql_config --libs', and according to what I can read on internet it should still be possible with MariaDB, but on my system mysql_config does not exist and I do not know how to get it and if the copy I will eventually get will be still compatible with MariaDB.

So the question is: how to link MariaDB to my C/C++ application?

Debian 10 (Buster) 64 bits ~ mariadb-server Version: 1:10.3.15-1 ~ mariadb-client Version: 1:10.3.15-1 ~

Thank you in advance

Answer Answered by Beddu Impossibile in this comment.

On my system I had installed only mariadb-server and mariadb-client, so mariadb_config was not present and mysql_config is not used anymore.

I found out that I need to install also libmariadb-dev which pulls in mariadb_config and all the headers and libs necessary to compile and link my application. I found some differences in the APIs relative to mysql, but until now doesn't look bad.


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