Using Connect with MySQL 5.5


We're currently testing usage of MySQL Federated engine, used for read-only cached tables.

The Connect engine looks like a very interesting option as it will allow us to use the index/condition push down, thus reducing the amount of network & total query time.

Do you have any experience with using Connect as a MySQL engine? migrating to MariaDB is not possible at current time frames, though it is on our roadmap



Answer Answered by Olivier Bertrand in this comment.

Yes, we had some experience with using CONNECT as a MySQL engine. However, as MySQL (and MariaDB 5.5) were missing the discovery features, having column description automatically made when creating some table types required a small modification into the source code. Also for MySQL, because engines specific create options do not exist, all options specific to CONNECT had to be placed in comment fields. However, since migrating to MariaDB 10.0, the new version of CONNECT is no more compatible with MySQL and the old version is largely outdated and buggy.


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