Comments - Using the Non-blocking Library

10 years ago Kristian Nielsen

I think "mariadb-native-client" means the alternate client library which is LGPL-licensed. I have not been involved with this library, but from what you write it sounds like it has not been updated to include the non-blocking feature.

If you use the client library provided in the main MariaDB source tree, you should find the non-blocking API you are looking for.

10 years ago Sylvain Rochette

ok I believe I find the latest version or mariadb-native-client ( but I am not sure if the non-blocking feature are included in it, i will see.

10 years ago Daniel Bartholomew

The native client is available for download here:

10 years ago Sylvain Rochette

Thank you for your reply!

Can you point the link? MariaDB links are too messy I cannot find anything... The only thing I have found are the mariadb-native-client which I based my work with.

So i have done concurrency using that with thread for now until I find the other source :)

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