Comments - Using UPDATE with a recursive query - not working (error #1241)

1 year, 4 months ago Neil Dempster

While I was told UPDATE is not supported, I did manage to get a recursive UPDATE to work. The solution to this problem is posted below. My mistake was too many columns in the final SELECT statement. This works:

UPDATE positions SET bu_div = 'Customer Services' WHERE jobholder_uid IN ( WITH RECURSIVE mgmt_levels AS ( SELECT jobholder_uid, positionmgr_uid, position_level, bu_div FROM positions WHERE positionmgr_uid = '' UNION ALL SELECT p.jobholder_uid, p.positionmgr_uid, p.position_level, p.bu_div FROM positions p INNER JOIN mgmt_levels ml ON ml.jobholder_uid = p.positionmgr_uid ) SELECT jobholder_uid FROM mgmt_levels ml );

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