What hardware configuration I need for my sceneario?

Hi everyone,

I need help to create an structure for a project. The main problem is I don't know what is the optimize haedware for that, I going to explain my scenario:

I would have 200 DDBB with size beetween 100Mb and 1Gb. That dababases are Innodb engine with 800 tables.

I would like to know what is the optimal structure to maximize the performance. May be many servers with few databses for server?? or few servers with many databsaes?? Also I would like to know the configuration for the optimal structure.

I know the question is hard to answer, but i would be grateful to recive your help.

-EDIT- This structure is for Windows Server 2019

Thank you

Answer Answered by Daniel Black in this comment.

There is no difference between one server and multiple for the same resources. Databases within a server are quite de-conflicted from each other.

Cases for multiple servers (or instances within the same server) include security isolation (beyond user level privs). Global tunings required to be different per database. Different MariaDB versions required per database.

A single instances is a good way to start, and if any of the above cases arise a particular database can be split off to a new instance.

Hardware specifications will vary considerably depending on what sorts of queries you are doing.

With your existing databases I assume you have some measure of how much resources each use already?


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