SkySQL has a What is MariaDB 5.5? whitepaper available for download.

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
25 Feb 2014MariaDB 5.5.36Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
29 Jan 2014MariaDB 5.5.35Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
21 Nov 2013MariaDB 5.5.34Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
20 Sep 2013MariaDB 5.5.33aStable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
17 Sep 2013MariaDB 5.5.33Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
18 Jul 2013MariaDB 5.5.32Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
23 May 2013MariaDB 5.5.31Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
12 Mar 2013MariaDB 5.5.30Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
30 Jan 2013MariaDB 5.5.29Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
29 Nov 2012MariaDB 5.5.28aStable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
22 Oct 2012MariaDB 5.5.28Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
7 Sep 2012MariaDB 5.5.27Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
22 Jun 2012MariaDB 5.5.25Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
31 May 2012MariaDB 5.5.24Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
11 Apr 2012MariaDB 5.5.23Stable (GA)Release NotesChangelog
29 Mar 2012MariaDB 5.5.22Release CandidateRelease NotesChangelog
16 Mar 2012MariaDB 5.5.21BetaRelease NotesChangelog
25 Feb 2012MariaDB 5.5.20AlphaRelease NotesChangelog

MariaDB 5.5 is MariaDB 5.3 + MySQL 5.5, with added features.

Feature Comparison Matrix

We have created an Optimizer Feature Comparison Matrix showing the new optimizer features in MariaDB 5.5 and 5.3 compared to MySQL 5.5 and 5.6.

New features

Minor extensions

  • Updates to performance schema tables are not stored in the binary log and thus not replicated to slaves. This is to ensure that monitoring of the master will not cause a slower performance on all slaves. This also fixes a crash on the slaves.

New features are added to MariaDB 10.0.

Deprecated / disabled features

  • PBXT is no longer in the binary builds/distributions. It's however still in the source distributions and in the source tree. The reason is that PBXT is no longer actively maintained, has a few bugs that are not fixed and is not in widespread use.

You can easily switch between InnoDB and XtraDB

MariaDB 5.5 comes with both XtraDB (compiled in) and InnoDB (as a plugin). By default MariaDB 5.5 uses XtraDB. If you want to switch to use InnoDB you can do:

mysqld --ignore-builtin-innodb \

(plugin_dir should point to where is installed)

The above options can of course also be added to your my.cnf file:


If you want you can also compile MariaDB with InnoDB as default.


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