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10 years, 1 month ago Richard Couture

The closest that I have been able to get thus far is with

select Cantidad, ModeloID, CatArticulos.ArticuloID, ArticuloCodigo, ArticuloNombre, ArticuloDesc, ArticulosDisponibles, ArticuloMin, ArticuloMax, ArticuloUnidad from ContenidosDeModelos right outer join CatArticulos using (ArticuloID) where ArticuloDeshabilitado = 'N' and ( ArticuloPara = 'Ordenes' or ArticuloPara = 'Todos' ) order by ArticuloCodigo";

The problem being that if a record exists in both of the tables, it gives me 2 records rather than combining the 2 as 1 record.

Since the table ContenidosDeModelos can have 50 records for the same ArticuloID but with different ModeloID, I can get 50 reords for the same ArticuloID rather than the 1 record for the ModeloID that interests me, if it exists, or the default record in CatArticulos for the ArticuloID when no ModeloID exists for that ArticuloID.


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