why the filebase option is not working on /etc/maxscale.cnf

hi, I have a doubt, the option filebase is not working, after i set it on /etcmaxscale.cnf the version fo maxscale is 2.1.i2 my /etc/maxscale.cnf as follow: [myLogFilter] type=filter module=qlafilter filebase=/opt/data/mylog

[Read-Write Service] type=service router=readwritesplit servers=server1 user=maxscale passwd=mypasswod enable_root_user=1 max_slave_connections=100% filters=myLogFilter

but there is nothing on the /opt/data/ dictory

Answer Answered by Markus Mäkelä in this comment.

By default, the file is only created after a client has connected into MaxScale. When the client closes the connection, the file will be closed. Each session will have a unique file name where the value of the filebase is appended with the session ID.

In 2.1, you can use the log_type=unified parameter to log all sessions into one file. This should immediately create the file in the specified directory.


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