Comments - Windows Server 2022, Containers, and Docker

2 months, 2 weeks ago Daniel Black

Given waiting for WSL to fix a bug (wsl issue 8443) I wouldn't rush for it.

Even with the original bug report for this, issue 403, but Windows limitations on containers meant the same automation of entrypoint wasn't possible (faq).

Its possible to create your own container, like mongodb, and use msiexec to install MariaDB.

2 months, 2 weeks ago a c0mputer guru

I certainly appreciate your feedback, but WSL will never be an option, for our shop. We had a REALLY bad experience last year, spent a lot of hours without a solution, and the boss man will NEVER allow it to happen again. "We've got Linux boxes for that. If you're gonna run Linux shit, then run the shit on Linux!"

Dude is a purist, which I also kinda agree with. For example, we've got an in-house system that has issues running in a VM but was fine on a straight Windows Server install. So, it has a dedicated machine. That's where the files are kept, on a RAID.

The issue we're having is that we have all these files on a Windows Server 2022 machine. Those files are indexed via MariaDB tables. We currently have MariaDB installed Docker, running on a Debian box, and it's been rock solid. It was boss man's decision to put MariaDB on a separate computer; he wanted it on a Linux box and he's signing our checks.

When we reboot the Linux box, which happens after each apt upgrade, we have issues. While the Linux box is offline, so is the index for the Server 2022 files. This hangs the workstations until the app is killed and restarted.

I was trying to re-create the Docker setup on the Windows box, but this kinda kills the project. It was a tight-rope walk just to get Docker installed. After several meetings, it was decided that IF I could get MariaDB running, in a WINDOWS Docker container, WITHOUT WSL, then we could try it. Like all things that SHOULD be simple, it's the simple things that stop projects.


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