Comments - Error : INSERT INTO in dynammic column (CREATE_COLUMN function) with Java Connector.

3 années, 1 mois ago Axel Dumas

Hello !

I have solved the problem... It was a verry silly mistake from me.

Firstly. It's not CREATE_COLUMN but's better. ^^

Secondly. I have used my own method to make SELECT queries, not the UPDATE method.

Thridly (here, it's interesting for others). With prepared statement, you can't make :

In your query : COLUMN_CREATE(?)

MariaDbBlob optionalDataBlob = new MariaDbBlob("'value', '12'".getBytes());
sqlQuery.getPreparedStatement().setBlob(4, optionalDataBlob);

You have to do many "?" to insert your keys and values. So you have to do :

In your query : COLUMN_CREATE(?, ?) //or more "?"

//And you just insert strings.
sqlQuery.getPreparedStatement().setString(4, "value");
sqlQuery.getPreparedStatement().setString(5, "12");

That's all. I hope this mistake will help someone else.

Thanks you, Sincerely.

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