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  • Impostare il proprio nome con git
git config --global "Ivan Ivanov"
git config --global ""
  • Clonare il repository
git clone
cd server
  • Eseguire git branch per controllare che si sta lavorando su MariaDB 10.1:
server $ git branch
* 10.1


This is an important concept, and git branches do not have equivalents in bzr.

In Bazaar, we all used to have one shared repository, within which there were many branches. This seems to be impossible with git?

In Git, each repository has only one branch that is currently checked out.

git branch

Note: branches whose names start with bb- are automatically put into the buildbot.

Equivalents for some bzr commands

CAVEAT EMPTOR. Check the manual before running!

  • bzr status is git status
  • bzr diff is git diff
  • bzr revert is git reset --hard
  • bzr parent is git remote -v (but there are more detailed commands)
  • bzr push is git push REMOTENAME BRANCHNAME. REMOTENAME is typically "origin", for example: git push origin 10.1-new-feature


  • bzr gcommit is git citool
  • bzr viz is gitk
  • bzr gannotate is git gui blame

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