Latest MariaDB SkySQL Release Brings New Distributed Transactions Capabilities, Analytics on Multi-cloud and More

We are pleased to announce the latest release of MariaDB SkySQL, our fully-managed database-as-a-service. The release brings parallel replication and columnar indexing capabilities to our Distributed Transactions service, and enables multicloud Analytics service deployments.

Powerful Enhancements to Distributed Transactions Service

SkySQL’s Distributed Transactions service now supports MariaDB Xpand 6 (the latest GA version), adding new features such as Parallel Replication and Columnar Indexes. MariaDB Xpand delivers distributed SQL capabilities supporting read/write splits and horizontal scaling of nodes for modern, high-performance web, mobile and IoT applications.

Parallel Replication

MariaDB Xpand 6 supports parallel asynchronous replication across geographically distributed clusters while ensuring transactional consistency.

MariaDB Xpand’s Parallel Replication feature opens up a range of possibilities for SkySQL customers including:

  • Enabling cross-region replication for disaster recovery and failover across cloud regions
  • Enabling cross-cloud replication for multicloud availability of data
  • Using SkySQL for disaster recovery and continuous availability

SkySQL’s Distributed Transactions service supports this feature both internally (between two Distributed Transactions services) and externally (both inbound and outbound with MariaDB Xpand running outside of SkySQL). These replication scenarios can be set up by following these step-by-step instructions here.

More details about MariaDB Xpand’s Parallel Replication feature can be found in this blog post.

Columnar Indexing

MariaDB Xpand 6 supports columnar indexing enabling analytics-oriented aggregations and filtering on transactional data. More details about Xpand’s Columnar Indexing feature can be found in this blog post.

Using Columnar Indexes, SkySQL customers can build more engaging and insightful applications by leveraging “in-app” analytics capabilities built on a single datastore with MariaDB Xpand.

Combining Columnar Indexes with the Parallel Replication feature, SkySQL customers can also choose to architect separate clusters for mission-critical transactional workloads and experience-driven analytics workloads.

Single Node Configuration

With a new single node configuration option for SkySQL’s Distributed Transactions service, you can now run your development and testing use cases for MariaDB Xpand without the complexity and costs associated with a multi-node setup.

And when you are ready to run production workloads, your service can easily be scaled from a single node up to 21 nodes.


Scale 1-21 Nodes


Multicloud Support for Analytics Service

In addition to SkySQL’s Google Cloud regions, Analytics services are now also available across all 13 AWS regions in SkySQL, and in both single node and multi-node topologies. SkySQL Analytics service leverages MariaDB ColumnStore, our columnar storage engine, combined with low-cost, infinitely scalable and highly available object storage in the cloud.

New Features for All SkySQL Services

Stop/Start for All Services

The self-service ability for customers to stop and start services has been extended to all SkySQL services. Stopped services continue to accrue storage charges, but saves customers on instance costs.

New Cloud Regions

We have added three new regions in AWS (ap-northeast-1, ap-southeast-2 and eu-west-1) and two new regions in Google Cloud (australia-southeast1 and us-west4) in response to customer requests. A full list of global regions SkySQL supports can be found here.

Try MariaDB SkySQL Today

We are excited about this feature-rich release of MariaDB SkySQL and encourage you to try it.

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