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Leading German online shop moves from MySQL to MariaDB

Founded in 1986, Reuter is one of Europe’s biggest online merchants for bathroom and home décor. Based in Germany, the company’s online shop,, was launched in 2004 and has since become one of the largest in its sector.

More than 270 people work at’s Mönchengladbach headquarters to supply an assortment of bath and sanitary products, living and kitchen accessories, home textiles, design furniture and lamps as well as garden furniture to their growing customer base. Professional installation help and favourable online prices complete their offering.

The business challenge’s online store is a fast growing web application with over 21 million page views and 1.3 million visitors per month. To cope with aggressive web traffic growth, required an extremely scalable, reliable and powerful database. Originally they used MySQL but after Oracle acquired the technology looked for alternative suppliers who were able to provide them with the fast, flexible customer service they had become accustomed too.

The migration to MariaDB

After a short evaluation of MySQL replacements, Reuter opted for MariaDB with technical support and consulting from MariaDB.

The initial data migration from MySQL was completed on schedule and budget. Further customization and tuning was subsequently undertaken by MariaDB consultants to meet’s specific scalability requirements. As a result, a significant improvement of page load times was achieved compared to MySQL.

“MariaDB's consulting team assisted us with expert advice we needed when we had technical questions,” said Bernd Buffen, IT Manager at

Today, Reuter uses two MariaDB servers with master/slave replication with five additional database servers used in other areas. This setup manages over 500,000 different products, presents them in the online store, and administers customer’s shopping carts and user sessions.

MariaDB also securely stores all customer data and payment information, and integrates this vital information with the company’s proprietary merchandise information system. This includes order status information, stock availability and delivery times.

Finally, Reuter uses MariaDB to provide content to its online store including text, images, videos, and PDF datasheets. Currently the store is available in two languages, although the support of other languages is planned in the near future.

When selecting a database technology the key drivers for were speed and easy expandability and scalability. With its enterprise-grade scale-out approach, MariaDB was a perfect fit for such requirements.

To optimize their MariaDB usage and to be always up to date, signed a multi-year MariaDB Advanced Subscription that includes 24/7 access to MariaDB's world-class support team and MONyog Ultimate Monitor, a leading monitoring tool optimized for MySQL and MariaDB.

“The MariaDB support team is very helpful and efficient in optimizing our queries,” states Bernd Buffen from

To be prepared for further growth, is looking into moving the system over to MariaDB Galera Cluster.