How Alibaba Cloud scaled ApsaraDB with MariaDB MaxScale

  • Jianwei Zhang, Staff Database Engineer at Alibaba Cloud
  • Dapeng Huang, Senior Software Engineer at Alibaba Cloud
Session Abstract

ApsaraDB is the leading cloud database in China with millions of database instances are running on it. However, the diversity and complexity of the mission-critical applications using it brought a huge challenge to ApsaraDB, scalability – a long-time pain point. To solve the problem, in middle of 2018 and after a careful evaluation, an elegant solution was found in MariaDB MaxScale. So far, the deep synergy of MariaDB MaxScale and ApsaraDB has proved very successful as thousands of high-demand customers of ApsaraDB are benefiting from a much-improved experience. In this presentation, we are going to share following topics:

  • How ApsaraDB is using MariaDB MaxScale
  • Best practices when leveraging MariaDB MaxScale with ApsaraDB
  • Next steps and future plans for for MariaDB MaxScale and ApsaraDB
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