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MariaDB Platform

MariaDB Platform unifies MariaDB TX (transactions) and MariaDB AX (analytics) so transactional applications can retain unlimited historical data and leverage powerful, real-time analytics in order to provide data-driven customers with more information, actionable insight and greater value – and businesses with endless ways to monetize data. It is the enterprise open source database for hybrid transactional/analytical processing at scale – and hybrid clouds.


MariaDB Enterprise Server

The foundation of MariaDB Platform, MariaDB Enterprise Server is an enhanced, hardened and secured version of MariaDB Server with the reliability, stability and long-term support necessary to support mission-critical applications. MariaDB Enterprise Server undergoes extensive QA, gets backported features and adds enterprise features such as encrypted transaction buffers to standard features such as Oracle Database compatibility and bitemporal tables.

Deploy anywhere

MariaDB Platform is infrastructure agnostic. It can run on anything, anywhere – servers, virtual machines or containers, in a private data center or in the cloud (public, private or hybrid) – and is the default database on leading Linux distributions, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS and SUSE Linux Enterprise.

  • Commodity hardware

    Commodity hardware

    MariaDB Platform doesn’t need a SAN and proprietary networking for high availability, or terabytes of memory for scalability – it runs on anything, anywhere.

  • Public/private clouds

    Public/private clouds

    MariaDB Platform is the preferred database for cloud infrastructure – public, private or hybrid, disaster recovery or production, transactional, analytical or both.

  • Containers and Kubernetes

    Containers and Kubernetes

    MariaDB Platform is the perfect database for containers – Docker or Kubernetes, it’s up to you. It’s lightweight, portable and installs within seconds.

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MariaDB Platform for Transactions

MariaDB Platform is the leading enterprise open source database for transactional applications (web, mobile and Internet of Things) – at any scale. By extending MariaDB Server with the world’s most advanced database proxy (MariaDB MaxScale), it provides the high availability, security and performance capabilities needed to support business-critical, mission-critical applications – removing the need for proprietary databases and high maintenance fees.

  • Break free from proprietary
    Break free from proprietary

    MariaDB Platform has everything you need to break free from the costs, complexity and constraints of proprietary databases.

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  • Unleash the power of open source
    Unleash the power of open source

    MariaDB Platform is powered by community innovation and collaboration with global tech giants. It’s yours to unleash.

  • Build modern app infrastructure
    Build modern app infrastructure

    MariaDB Platform is nimble but powerful – perfect for modern infrastructure based on containers and microservices.

MariaDB Platform for Analytics

MariaDB Platform can be deployed as an enterprise open source database for modern analytics (ad hoc, on demand and in real time), extending MariaDB Server with distributed, columnar storage, massively parallel processing (MPP) and streaming data ingestion to enable scalable, high-performance analytics with standard SQL – and without the need for complex ETL processes, proprietary data warehouses, expensive hardware or multi-million-dollar appliances.

  • Compete via faster time to insight
    Compete via faster time to insight

    MariaDB Platform lets you analyze near-real-time data, whenever you want to, however you want to – no waiting, no limitations.

  • Drop the expensive hardware requirements
    Drop the expensive hardware requirements

    MariaDB Platform runs on all commodity hardware. You don’t need to spend money on more memory, or an appliance.

  • Get more out of Hadoop data lakes
    Get more out of Hadoop data lakes

    MariaDB Platform can supplement Hadoop to give you what Hadoop can’t – interactive, real-time analytics with standard SQL.

MariaDB Platform Managed Service

The MariaDB Platform Managed Service allows enterprise organizations to realize the benefits of a cloud database service, including ease of use, but without sacrificing the very things needed to support mission-critical applications, including enterprise features, custom configuration, technical and consultative support, on-demand upgrades and bugfixes/security patches. It’s MariaDB Platform in the cloud, managed by MariaDB (the experts).

  • Custom configuration
    Custom configuration

    We will provide you with MariaDB Platform deployment fully configured and optimized to meet your exact application requirements.

  • Enterprise features
    Enterprise features

    You’ll get a database firewall and dynamic data masking to protect sensitive data, and columnar storage for real-time analytics.

  • Proactive care
    Proactive care

    We will actively monitor database performance and security, handle disaster recovery and perform database upgrades.


ClustrixDB, now part of MariaDB, is a relational database engineered from the ground up to operate at extreme scale, every minute of every day – meeting the highest throughput and concurrency requirements without sacrificing ACID transactions, strong consistency and standard ANSI SQL. It’s the perfect database for web, mobile and IoT applications facing unprecedented scalability and performance requirements, including millions of transactions per second.

  • Scale faster and further to grow business
    Scale faster and further to grow business

    ClustrixDB lets you scale operations when you need to, and as far as you need to, by adding nodes on demand to increase capacity.

  • Solve scalability challenges the right way
    Solve scalability challenges the right way

    ClustrixDB gives you exactly what’s needed to take on scalability challenges, an architecture designed in every way for massive scale.

  • Maintain high performance regardless of the scale
    Maintain high performance regardless of the scale

    ClustrixDB gets faster as you scale it out so you never have to worry about struggling to keep up with high performance expectations.

  • We are running more than 25 billion queries per hour on MariaDB … the query patterns change every hour.

    Tim Yim, Director of Operations, ServiceNow

MariaDB Services and Support

MariaDB provides world-class support, technical and consultative, with a global support team backed by the people who wrote the code, MariaDB engineers. In addition, MariaDB has a dedicated team of remote DBAs and enterprise architects to help customers meet both business and technology goals, in a pinch or on a long-term basis.

Why MariaDB?

We’re committed to delivering on the promise of open source software while meeting the needs of enterprise customers. We want everyone to realize the benefits of community collaboration and innovation.

We created the leading enterprise open source database. You made it the fastest growing. Still, our goal is not to create the best open source database. It’s to create the best database, and be open source.


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