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Easy to use + powerful

SkySQL is the first database-as-a-service (DBaaS) to unlock the full power of MariaDB Platform in the cloud, extending it’s powerful enterprise features with unrivaled ease of use and first-in-class innovation. Engineered for mission-critical applications and enterprise governance, SkySQL does away with common limitations and combines automation with the expertise and experience necessary to support production deployments in the cloud.

Any workload


Deploy a transactional database service with replication, automatic failover and persistent storage configured out of the box.


Or, an analytical database service with parallel processing and low-cost object storage (e.g., S3) for high performance analytics at any scale.


And for modern applications requiring fast transactions, historical data and more powerful analytics, deploy a hybrid database service.

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DBaaS done right

  • Run on the latest release, never fall behind again
    Run on the latest release, never fall behind again

    SkySQL is the only DBaaS that allows you to run on the latest version of MariaDB Platform so you don’t have to work around missing features or wait for improvements.

  • Take advantage of common features like clustering
    Take advantage of common features like clustering

    SkySQL is the only DBaaS to offer the full functionality and power of MariaDB Platform, including columnar storage, automatic failover with transaction replay and clustering.

  • Do away with unnecessary, unpredictable downtime
    Do away with unnecessary, unpredictable downtime

    SkySQL performs zero-downtime operations and supports zero-interruption failover so you never have to worry about applications being disrupted by maintenance or outages.

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State of the art

MariaDB Platform

SkySQL is the first DBaaS to support hybrid transactional/analytical processing and mission-critical workloads with MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB ColumnStore and MariaDB MaxScale.


SkySQL is the first DBaaS to run MariaDB Platform on Kubernetes, creating a foundation for multi- and hybrid-cloud deployments and enabling features such as self-healing.


SkySQL is the first DBaaS to harness the power and reliability of ServiceNow for the enterprise-wide inventory and workflow management of database infrastructure and services.

Modern architecture

MariaDB cloud architecture with SkySQL

Secure by design

  • Restricted access
    Restricted access

    MariaDB SkyDBA and SRE teams must go through an ident proxy and jump server in order to perform maintenance and support operations on behalf of customers.

  • Operational auditing
    Operational auditing

    The SkySQL operations environment logs every action taken by MariaDB SkyDBAs and SREs in order to provide customers with full visibility regarding operations and access.

  • Single tenancy
    Single tenancy

    SkySQL deploys customer databases to their own private Kubernetes cluster, and restricts database access to whitelisted IP addresses with encrypted connections.

Built for the enterprise

  • Fully customizable
    Fully customizable

    SkySQL customers can request custom, reusable templates called recipes to deploy databases with custom instance sizes and more advanced topologies.

  • Expert support
    Expert support

    SkySQL customers get technical and consultative support, and with the SkyDBA option, can offload database administration to cloud-certified MariaDB experts.

  • Cloud agnostic
    Cloud agnostic

    SkySQL is engineered to support multi- and hybrid-cloud deployments and to run with as few resources as possible, and at the lowest price/performance ratio, in the cloud.

Helpful Resources

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Services and support

MariaDB provides world-class support, technical and consultative, with a global support team backed by the people who wrote the code, MariaDB engineers. In addition, MariaDB has a dedicated team of remote DBAs and enterprise architects to help customers meet both business and technology goals, in a pinch or on a long-term basis.

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