MariaDB SkySQL on AWS

MariaDB SkySQL on AWS

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The ultimate MariaDB cloud

SkySQL is the first and only database-as-a-service (DBaaS) to bring the full power of MariaDB Platform to the cloud, combining powerful enterprise features and world-class support with unrivaled ease of use and groundbreaking innovation. Built for mission-critical applications and enterprise governance, SkySQL augments automation with the human expertise and experience needed to support and manage mission-critical deployments in the cloud – whether it’s a single development database or thousands of production databases.

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Transactions, analytics or both

SkySQL can deploy databases or data warehouses optimized for fast transactions, interactive analytics or smart transactions, standard transactions enriched with real-time analytical queries.


Deploy databases optimized for fast transaction processing using high-performance block storage (persistent SSDs) and multiple read replicas.


Deploy MariaDB Platform as a data warehouse optimized for scalable, interactive analytics using a columnar format and cloud object storage.


Deploy MariaDB Platform as a hybrid database optimized for smart transactions using block and object storage for row and columnar data.

Distributed SQL

SkySQL can deploy MariaDB Platform as a distributed SQL database with Xpand technology in order to support applications requiring elasticity, read/write scalability and zero downtime – and without sacrificing ACID transactions and strong consistency or ANSI SQL and standard database drivers (e.g., JDBC/ODBC).

Unlimited scalability
Unlimited scalability

Simply increase the number of nodes in a database deployment when higher read/write throughput or storage capacity is needed.

Continuous availability
Continuous availability

If a node fails, or even an entire zone, a consistent copy of its data stored in a different zone is automatically made available.

Standard development
Standard development

Continue to use standard SQL and database drivers, and avoid the query/schema limitations found in outdated sharding solutions.


SkySQL was built to exceed the high standards of MariaDB, and to meet both the technical and the business needs of enterprises running in the cloud – something other database services continue to fall short of.


SkySQL makes it easy for everyone to run production databases in the cloud, and is the only DBaaS with the improved reliability, stability and security of MariaDB Enterprise Server.

From the source

SkySQL customers get the same world-class support and peace of mind as enterprises running on premises, including technical support and/or full database administration by a SkyDBA.

Always up to date

SkySQL always allows customers to run on the latest stable version and maintenance release so they never run into missing features or old bugs and vulnerabilities long since resolved.

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Best of both worlds

SkySQL was built by the MariaDB experts. The result is the first and only DBaaS running MariaDB Enterprise Database, built on Kubernetes and optimized with a cloud-native storage architecture – and the best open source relational database on Amazon Web Services.

MariaDB AWS architecture in the cloud

State of the art

SkySQL takes full advantage of the infrastructure and services provided by AWS to provide customers with the best security, high availability, and performance available in the cloud, leveraging the Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for orchestration, high performance SSD-backed EBS for durability, and S3 for recovery and analytics.


Amazon Web Services

Elastic Kubernetes Service
Elastic Kubernetes Service

SkySQL databases are deployed to EKS regional clusters via an advanced Kubernetes operator, providing enterprise customers with maximum security and high availability.

SSD-backed EBS
SSD-backed EBS

SkySQL transactional databases use SSDs for maximum performance and durability, enabling the SkySQL operator to automatically recover failed instances.


SkySQL analytical databases use parallel processing to query data stored in a columnar format on S3, lowering the storage costs of large data warehouses in the cloud.


SkySQL has the self-service features and automation you expect from a DBaaS, from deploying a replicated databases across multiple zones with the click of a button and real-time monitoring powered by Prometheus and Grafana. However, SkySQL goes even further with features like columnar tables, self-repair and transparent query routing.

Transactions and/or analytics

Deploy a database for fast transactions, a data warehouse for interactive analytics or a hybrid – a database with both row and columnar storage for customer-facing applications requiring analytics.

Automatic failover and self-repair

SkySQL uses MariaDB MaxScale and Kubernetes to automatically recover from cloud instance and zone failures, deploying replicas across multiple zones and taking backups every night.

Transparent scaling and load balancing

Developers don’t have to create multiple connections and implement read/write splitting or load balancing, SkySQL does it automatically for them using MariaDB MaxScale.


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Get started

It’s easy to get started with SkySQL, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Sign up for SkySQL today and get a $500 credit toward up to three databases of any size and any type (transactional, analytical or hybrid).

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