DBeaver Universal Database Tool

DBeaver is a graphical database tool which can interact with MariaDB Servers, including MariaDB database services on MariaDB SkySQL.

DBeaver is a third-party product. Additional information on DBeaver is available from DBeaver Corp.

DBeaver requires MariaDB Connector/J. DBeaver downloads Connector/J for you, but you may want to upgrade to the latest version.


DBeaver has been tested to connect and execute queries with:

  • MariaDB Platform for Transactions

  • MariaDB Platform for Analytics

  • MariaDB Platform for Smart Transactions (HTAP)

  • MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL

Connecting with DBeaver Universal Database Tool


DBeaver Universal Database Tool version 7.3.2 (Windows, macOS) was used to prepare these instructions. When using other versions, these instructions may require adjustment.

Older version DBeaver 7.1.4 is not compatible with MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL service (Distributed Transactions topology). Users attempting to connect with this client will receive a "Lost connection" error.

To connect to a database service on MariaDB SkySQL through DBeaver:

  1. Determine the connection information for your MariaDB SkySQL database service:

    DBeaver Location


    Where to find it in the SkySQL Portal

    General tab


    Fully Qualified Domain Name in the Service Details view

    General tab


    Read-Write Port or Read-Only Port in the Service Details view

    General tab


    Default username in the Service Credentials view, or the username you created

    General tab


    Default password in the Service Credentials view, the password you set on the default user, or the password for the user you created

    Driver properties tab


    Path to the skysql_chain.pem file containing the "Certificate Authority Chain" (Download)

  2. In Edit connection, select "Connection Settings".

  3. In the "General" tab:

    • Fill in the connection information for your SkySQL service.

    • Remember to specify the port, as MariaDB SkySQL does not use the standard port for client connections.

  4. In the "Driver properties" tab:

    • Set the useSsl property to true.

    • Set the serverSslCert property to the path to the skysql_chain.pem file (Download).

  5. In the "SSL" tab, do not enter any values. The TLS/SSL configuration was done by setting driver properties in the previous step.