HeidiSQL is a graphical application that can interact with MariaDB Servers, including MariaDB database services on MariaDB SkySQL.

HeidiSQL is a third-party product. Additional information on HeidiSQL is available from Ansgar Becker.


HeidiSQL can be used with:

  • MariaDB Platform for Transactions

  • MariaDB Platform for Analytics

  • MariaDB Platform for Smart Transactions (HTAP)

  • MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL

Installing HeidiSQL

On Windows, HeidiSQL is most often installed via MariaDB's MSI package.

Installing HeidiSQL via MSI (Windows)

HeidiSQL can be installed on Windows by using the following process:

  1. Go to the MariaDB download page:

  2. In the "Version" drop-down, select the version you want to download.

  3. In the "OS" drop-down, select either "MS Windows (64-bit)" or "MS Windows (32-bit)", depending on whether you need a 64-bit or 32-bit version of HeidiSQL.

  4. Click on the "Download" button to download the MSI package.

  5. When the MSI package finishes downloading, run it.

  6. On the first screen, click "Next" to start the Setup Wizard.

  7. On the second screen, click the license agreement checkbox, and then click "Next".

  8. On the third screen, select the components to install. If you only want HeidiSQL:

    • Deselect "MariaDB Server".

    • Deselect "Development Components".

    • When only "Third party tools" and "HeidiSQL" are selected, click "Next".

  9. On the next screen, click "Install".

  10. When the installation process completes, click "Finish".

Connecting with HeidiSQL


HeidiSQL version (Windows 64-bit) was used to prepare these instructions. When using other versions, these instructions may require adjustment.

To connect to a database service on MariaDB SkySQL through HeidiSQL:

  1. Determine the connection information for your MariaDB SkySQL database service:


    Where to find it

    Settings tab

    Fully Qualified Domain Name in the Service Details view

    Settings tab

    Read-Write Port or Read-Only Port in the Service Details view

    Settings tab

    Default username in the Service Credentials view, or the username you created

    Settings tab

    Default password in the Service Credentials view, the password you set on the default user, or the password for the user you created

    Advanced tab
    SSL CA certificate

    Path to the skysql_chain.pem file (Download)

  2. Create a new session.

  3. On the "Settings" tab:

    • Fill in the connection information for your service.

    • Remember to specify the port, as MariaDB SkySQL does not use the standard client port.

  4. On the "Advanced Tab":

    • Select the "Use SSL" checkbox.

    • In the "SSL CA certificate" text box, enter the path to the downloaded skysql_chain.pem file (Download).


A SSL warning is surfaced for HA (Primary/Replica), Galera, Distributed Transactions, HTAP, and ColumnStore topologies (all topologies that use MariaDB MaxScale). The only known impact is the warning message; you are able to query the database.