Configuration Options


MariaDB SkySQL cloud database service (DBaaS) delivers MariaDB Enterprise on expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB Corporation.

SkySQL Services


Choose a service optimized for your workload from options for:

  • Transactional workloads (OLTP)

  • Analytical workloads (OLAP, DSS, cloud data warehousing)

  • Hybrid workloads

Cloud providers

Choose for your SkySQL service to operate on Amazon AWS and Google GCP

Regions and zones

Choose from regions worldwide

Instance sizes

Choose from a range of instance sizes


Choose from a range of storage sizes

Custom configuration

Choose database settings to override defaults

Power Tier

Power Tier is a premium service offering for MariaDB SkySQL customers who have the most critical requirements for uptime, availability, performance, and support.

Power Tier features include:

SkySQL Support

  • Support options, with standard support (included), and Enterprise and Platinum options

  • SkyDBA, proactive and reactive management of your databases, an option with Enterprise and Platinum support plans