Designing for SkySQL


MariaDB SkySQL has advanced features to protect service availability, including Kubernetes self-healing, multi-zonal replicas, and automatic failover. *

Capabilities and Features

SkySQL includes features designed to make life easier for the Developer, DBA, and Operator. Features include robust modern SQL capabilities backed by MariaDB Enterprise Server, workload optimizations, and operations features for reliability and low overhead.

Character Sets

Character sets allow users to store characters from many different languages in the database. Character set defaults are service-specific (utf8mb4 or utf8).


Collations are sets of rules for sorting and comparing character sets. Collation defaults are service-specific (utf8mb4_unicode_ci or utf8_general_ci).


Backed by MariaDB Platform and MariaDB Enterprise Server, SkySQL has extensive compatibility with standards, protocols, and clients.

Custom Configuration

SkySQL services are customizable to meet business and workload requirements.


Round trip time (RTT) between database servers and application servers should be minimized by hosting servers in the same region or leveraging VPC Peering.

Lift-and-Shift to SkySQL

Migrate to MariaDB SkySQL from Amazon RDS for MariaDB, Microsoft Azure for MariaDB, or another existing MariaDB Server deployment.

Max Connections

Understand how many simultaneous connections your service can have.

Migration to SkySQL

Migrate to MariaDB SkySQL from a database platform other than MariaDB Server. For migrations from MariaDB Server, see Lift-and-Shift to SkySQL.

On-premises vs DBaaS

Understand the ways a DBaaS experience differs from an on-premises database deployment.

Power Tier

SkySQL Power Tier delivers custom instance sizes, cross-region replicas for DR, and an elevated SLA.

Proof of Concept

Plan for your POC deployment on MariaDB SkySQL.


Replication synchronizes data between servers. SkySQL supports a HA (Primary/Replica) topology, read-write splitting, zonal separation, inbound replication, cross-region replicas, and replication for HTAP.

Release Notes

Recent changes to SkySQL, including available software versions and SkySQL service changes.


Scalability features include read load balancing, Zonal SSD Persistent Disk, analytical capabilities, scalable cloud object storage, and distributed SQL with HA and fault tolerance.


SkySQL includes a range of Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Infosec features to support your control and compliance requirements, including data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption, isolation, audit logging, and firewalling.

Test Environments

On-demand deployment of a range of available instance sizes and on-demand teardown to support testing activities.

Transactional Storage on AWS

Details on storage for transactional SkySQL services on AWS.

Transactional Storage on GCP

Details on storage for transactional SkySQL services on GCP.


Resiliency features vary by service type.

Scalability features vary by service type.