Designing for SkySQL

Configurable Options

SkySQL services can be configured to meet your business requirements:

  • Service options for transactional, analytical, and hybrid workload

  • Cloud provider options

  • Region options worldwide

  • Instance sizes and storage sizes

  • Custom configuration of database settings

  • Replication options

  • VPC peering and AWS PrivateLink

  • Premium support options (standard support is included)

  • Custom instance sizes and an enhanced SLA for Power Tier customers

For additional information, see "Configuration Options".

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Understand SkySQL

Features vary based on configuration options.




Advanced features to protect service availability, including Kubernetes self-healing, multi-zonal replicas, and automatic failover


Backed by MariaDB Enterprise, SkySQL services have extensive compatibility with standards, protocols, and clients


Round trip time (RTT) between database servers and application servers

On-premises vs DBaaS

How does a DBaaS experience differ from an on-premises database deployment?


Load balancing, Zonal SSD Persistent Disk, analytical capabilities, scalable cloud object storage, and distributed SQL with HA and fault tolerance


SkySQL includes a range of Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Infosec features to support your control and compliance requirements, including data-at-rest and data-in-transit encryption, isolation, audit logging, and firewalling

Application Design

Application design requirements vary based on configuration options.



Character Sets

Store characters from many different languages in the database


Sets of rules for sorting and comparing character sets

Max Connections

Simultaneous connections to the database service