Database services on MariaDB SkySQL are delivered with MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB MaxScale. SkySQL services are compatible with most MariaDB Server-compatible and MySQL-compatible applications.

MariaDB Clients and Connectors

Third-Party Clients

Client/Server Protocols

  • MariaDB's standard protocol

  • MySQL's standard protocol

IP Addressing

  • IPv4

Data-in-Transit Encryption

  • TLS 1.3

  • TLS 1.2

Storage Engines

  • MariaDB Platform for Transactions: InnoDB

  • MariaDB Platform for Analytics: ColumnStore

  • MariaDB Platform for Smart Transactions (HTAP): InnoDB, ColumnStore


MariaDB Platform for Transactions

  • HA (Primary/Replica): MariaDB Replication

  • Galera: MariaDB Enterprise Cluster (powered by Galera)

  • Transactional Standalone: None

Procedural Languages

  • MariaDB SQL/PSM, based on ISO standard SQL/PSM

  • MariaDB SQL/PL, a compatible subset of Oracle PL/SQL

SQL Standards

As per deployed version of MariaDB Enterprise Server or MariaDB Xpand

Compliance Requirements