Get Started Using SkySQL DBaaS API


This guided walkthrough details how to create, monitor, and delete a single node database service in MariaDB SkySQL using the skysqlcli utility:

  • It provides a command-line interface for the MariaDB SkySQL DBaaS API

  • It does not require a web browser or REST client

  • It automatically handles authentication, so that users do not need to request the bearer token

  • It can be used in scripts and automation

The skysqlcli utility is a Technical Preview. Software in Tech Preview should not be used for production workloads.

Alternatively, SkySQL services can be managed interactively using your web browser and the SkySQL Portal.

Use Cases

The skysqlcli utility supports use cases that require a command-line interface to perform operations in MariaDB SkySQL, such as:

  • Create, list, and delete MariaDB SkySQL services

  • Retrieve the default database credentials for MariaDB SkySQL services

  • Monitor the status of MariaDB SkySQL services

  • Update the allowlist for MariaDB SkySQL services


  • Linux

  • macOS

  • Microsoft Windows

How can I manage SkySQL services?

MariaDB SkySQL services can be managed several ways:

What if I need help?

SkySQL infrastructure is fully managed, including many typical operations features such as automated nightly backups and monitoring.