Step 2: Launch


This page details step 2 of a 5-step guided walkthrough to help you get started with SkySQL.

In this step, you will launch a SkySQL service.

What does SkySQL cost?

SkySQL pricing varies based on the parameters chosen when you launch a service, such as cloud provider, topology, instance and storage size, and region.

Estimated costs are shown as you explore your choices.

Available Services

MariaDB SkySQL services at-a-glance:

Distributed Transactions

  • OLTP (Transactional)

  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)

  • Strongly consistent

  • Automatic rebalancing

  • Highly available and fault tolerant

  • Read and write scaling

  • Elastic scale-out and scale-in

For additional information, see "Distributed Transactions".


  • OLAP (Analytical), decision support, cloud data warehousing

  • Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)

  • Object storage for reliable, low-cost, "unlimited" storage

  • Columnar data storage

  • Read scaling

For additional information, see "Analytics".

Replicated Transactions

  • OLTP (Transactional)

  • Asynchronous or semi-synchronous replication

  • Read scaling

For additional information, see "Replicated Transactions"

Single Node Transactions

  • OLTP (Transactional)

  • Single node for development and testing

For additional information, see "Single Node Transactions"


SkySQL Launch page
  1. Log in to the SkySQL Portal

  2. Click on "+ Launch a Service".

  3. Choose the desired parameters (such as cloud provider and service type).

    • This guided walkthrough includes an optional sample database and application.

    • If you plan to use the provided sample, choose "Transactions" service and a "Single Node Transactions" topology.

  4. Review estimated pricing, and click the "Launch Service" button.

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