MariaDB SkySQL Monitoring performs health checks, provides detailed status information about service state, and sends alerts when faults are detected for SkySQL database services and for on-premises database infrastructure:

  • SkySQL Monitoring provides detailed status and metrics about each database service and about each individual server within the service

  • SkySQL database services are monitored by default

  • Customers can define alerting rules to send notifications via email when a specified metric reaches a specified threshold for a specified time interval

  • Access to SkySQL Monitoring is controlled via a dedicated IP allowlist


  • Distributed Transactions

  • Multi-Node Analytics

  • Replicated Transactions

  • Single Node Analytics

  • Single Node Transactions

Monitor SkySQL Services

SkySQL database services are monitored by SkySQL Monitoring by default.

SkySQL Monitoring can be used to proactively monitor for potential issues with the SkySQL database service, notify administrators of ongoing issues, troubleshoot performance issues, and detect the impact of changes.

SkySQL Monitoring can be used to perform many tasks for SkySQL database services, including:

Access SkySQL Monitoring

The initial display for SkySQL Monitoring is the dashboard, which provides at-a-glance status, uptime, and average QPS (queries per second).

Before you access SkySQL Monitoring, ensure that your IP address is on the dedicated IP allowlist used for SkySQL Monitoring, which is separate from the IP allowlist used for services.

To access the SkySQL Monitoring dashboard:

  1. Log in to the MariaDB SkySQL Portal

  2. Click on "Monitoring" in the SkySQL main menu (left navigation)

Monitoring Dashboard

Access Detailed Metrics

To access detailed status and metrics about a service from the SkySQL Monitoring dashboard:

  1. Click on the service name to open the Service Overview page

  2. On the Service Overview page, click a tab at the top of the page to view different categories of service-level metrics

  3. To view server-level metrics, click on "Servers" in the left navigation menu and click on a server to see more details

For additional information on the metrics available, see "SkySQL Monitoring Metrics".

Monitoring Service Overview