Migration to MariaDB SkySQL

Migration is the process of permanently moving data from one database to another.

We provide specific instructions for one type of Migration, Lift-and-Shift of a MariaDB database (on-premises or in-the-cloud) to MariaDB SkySQL.

For all other types of migrations, the approach described here can be adapted to your starting database platform (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, IBM DB2, etc.).


Migration benefits include:

  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • MariaDB Enterprise's pluggable, purpose-built storage engines support workloads that previously required a variety of specialized databases. MariaDB SkySQL, which delivers MariaDB Enterprise, includes solutions for transactional workloads, analytical workloads, HTAP for real-time analytics, and distributed SQL with HA and fault tolerance.

  • Enterprise-grade database features such as:

    • ACID compliance, referential integrity, transactions

    • Online schema changes with InnoDB Instant ALTER

    • Unicode UTF-8

    • Temporal tables (system versioned, application time-period, bitemporal)

    • Transparent data encryption

    • Foreign keys


    • Common table expressions (CTEs), window functions

    • Cursors, triggers, functions, events, procedures, dynamic SQL, sequences

    • Set operators, table value constructors

    • User-defined aggregate functions, ordered-set aggregate functions

    • Invisible columns, generated or virtual columns

Vendor Support from MariaDB

Migration practices continue to evolve at a rapid pace, with changes in your existing database platform, innovation in MariaDB Enterprise Server, and enhanced functionality in MariaDB SkySQL.

The best way to form a complete and optimized migration plan is to contact us. MariaDB's extensive experience in migrations to MariaDB, and engineer-level knowledge of MariaDB Server and MariaDB SkySQL, can help you understand implementation choices and aid your implementation.

Migration Process

MariaDB's current migration process is detailed in our whitepaper, "Migrate to MariaDB Enterprise from Oracle", and summarized here. A similar process is used for migration from databases other than Oracle. This process is representative:

  1. Assessment of application requirements, inventory, and identified challenges

  2. Schema Migration including tables, constraints, indexes, and views

  3. Application Code Migration by porting and testing SQL and application code

  4. Data Migration and Replication with import of data, with conversion to the new schema, and ongoing inbound replication of new data

  5. Quality Assurance to assess data validity, data integrity, performance, accuracy of query results, stored code, and running code such as client applications, APIs, and batch jobs

  6. Cutover including final database preparation, fallback planning, switchover, and decommissioning of old databases

Contact us to begin the migration planning process.