Test Environments

When first testing a change, you should always use a development, test, or staging environment -- not production. And yet, many companies test in production, because proper test environments are sometimes considered a luxury, or are not available to the people who need them.

When deploying a database in a traditional on-premises model, you need to take pains to duplicate the production environment configuration for a test environment. And on-premises, you also need to procure and deploy hardware in advance, a sizable investment when considering short-term usage spikes around testing activities.

MariaDB SkySQL provides a safe and cost-effective method to deploy production-matched configurations for testing. With SkySQL, you only pay for what you use, so you can afford to run your tests on an environment consistent with production. If testing takes an hour, you only pay for an hour of service. There are no long-term costs, and SkySQL can be used as a self-service test platform when demand strikes.

Self-Service Management

Through the SkySQL Portal you can spin up a service when it is needed, stop it when it is not in use, and delete it when you are done. Configuration Manager enables you to apply the same settings to multiple services.

Ready-made instance sizes allow you to easily match existing service sizes, size down for a limited test environment, or test larger configurations in advance of an upgrade. Customers on the Power Tier can also deploy custom instance sizes to further optimize cost vs performance in testing and production.

Full Features, Even for Test

All SkySQL instances benefit from a rich feature set -- configuration management, automated nightly backups, security controls, monitoring, and Standard Support.

When hosting your test and development activities on SkySQL you get all of the benefits of this rich feature-set without additional overhead on your DBAs or operations staff, since MariaDB manages the infrastructure.

Features like Monitoring can make an amazing difference in understanding application behavior earlier in the the development cycle, before you even reach QA testing.

Multiple Test Environments

With SkySQL you need not limit yourself to just one test environment.

Additional services can be deployed to match an existing production configuration, allowing you to accurately test application performance, schema migrations, application upgrades, and database upgrades before a production deployment.

When working with multiple development teams each team can operate a dedicated test environment, allowing your QA cycles to operate independently.

Development Environments

SkySQL-based development environments can be compelling even for customers currently deploying MariaDB Server on-premises. It is just as easy to launch a smaller environment for development as it is to launch a full scale test environment. MariaDB SkySQL allows developers to test transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads on-demand.

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