Backup/Restore for SkySQL Databases

Backing Up SkySQL Databases

MariaDB SkySQL includes automated nightly backup of all databases.

Nightly automated backup is included at every service level. With nightly automated backups, full backups are taken of every database. The backup output and logs are scrutinized for logging and alerting to verify the validity of the backups.

MariaDB Enterprise Backup (mariabackup) is used for MariaDB Platform for Transactions service backups. MariaDB Enterprise Backup breaks up backups into non-blocking stages so writes and schema changes can occur during backups. Backup output are mariabackup streams in a gzip file.

MariaDB Xpand backups are used for MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL.

MariaDB Platform for Analytics backups are file copies.

Backups are stored in object storage and are organized on a per-project basis and are secured behind their own SkySQL credentials. Access to backups is through a customer support ticket in the SkySQL Customer Support portal.

Restore Databases from Backup on SkySQL

To restore a database on SkySQL, create a support ticket through the SkySQL Customer Support portal and SkySQL support will assist you in restoring your database. Databases are fully restored to a new instance.

Manual Backups on SkySQL

MariaDB Dump is a command line tool that can be used to remotely back up a transactional database on MariaDB SkySQL (except MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL). See MariaDB Dump for usage information.

Mariabackup, the standard method for backing-up MariaDB Enterprise Server in on-premises deployments, requires access to the file system housing the database, and so cannot be used remotely to back up databases on SkySQL.

Egress charges are a consideration when deciding on a backup strategy beyond that provided with the SkySQL service.