Delete a Database Service



The deletion of a SkySQL database service deletes all data in that database service.


The deletion of a SkySQL database service is non-reversible.

Billing Impact

Charges for a database service stop accruing when the service is deleted.

Delete a Service

These instructions apply to all MariaDB SkySQL database topologies.

Deleting a service removes all data in that service. This operation is non-reversible.

A database service can be deleted any time after it reaches a Running state. Services that are in a Pending state cannot be deleted. Services in a Stopped state can be deleted.

To delete a service:

  1. Log in to MariaDB SkySQL.

  2. Click on "Your Services" in the SkySQL main menu (left navigation).

  3. Click on the name of the database service you want to delete.

  4. Click on the "Delete Service" button.

  5. Confirm that you want to delete the service and all its data by typing "delete" in the confirmation window.

  6. Click on "Submit".

Your database and all its data will be deleted. This operation is non-reversible.

Stop a Service

As an alternative to deleting a database service on GCP, a service may be stopped. Stopping a service maintains data. While a service is stopped, storage charges will continue, but instance and egress charges will be stopped until the service is started again. Stopped services can be deleted.

MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL services cannot be stopped.