How to Launch a ColumnStore Topology

MariaDB Platform for Analytics on MariaDB SkySQL:

  • Designed for cloud data warehousing

  • Runs on MariaDB Enterprise Server

  • Available on GCP

  • Configured to use the MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore storage engine

  • Backed by scalable object storage

  • Available configurations:

    • Highly available three-node configuration for production workloads

    • Single-node configuration for dev/test workloads

Registering for SkySQL

Launching a SkySQL database service, requires setting up an account:

  1. Register for a MariaDB ID or log in to your MariaDB ID account.

  2. Set up a Billing Profile.

  3. Accept the SkySQL Terms of Service.

Launch ColumnStore Services

To launch a ColumnStore database service:

  1. Log in to the SkySQL Portal.

  2. Click on the "Launch Service" link in the main menu (left navigation).

  3. Click on the "Launch" button under the "Analytics" description.

    • If have you already launched services, you can also launch services from the "Services" page using the "Launch New Service" button.

  4. On the MariaDB Platform for Analytics view, specify the database service parameters by choosing:

  5. Click on the "Launch Service" button. You'll be taken to the "Services" page and will see that your new service has a "Pending" status.

  6. Click on your database service name and whitelist the IP addresses of the systems that will be allowed access to the service. Addresses can be whitelisted while the service is "Pending".

You can connect to the database service when it has a "Healthy" status. Click the "Show Credentials" button for connection information.

"Show Credentials" and "Delete Service" buttons are not available in the Service Details view until service launch completes.

Until a use and payment history is established, a customer can create up to six database services. If a customer is part of a team, the team can create up to six database services per team member. Please create a support case if you require additional services.

Service Naming Rules

Each MariaDB SkySQL service launched has a customer-defined service name. These rules apply to those service names:

  • Service names can contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens, but a hyphen cannot be the last character.

  • The minimum service name length is 2 characters. The maximum service name length is 24 characters.

  • Duplicate service names are not permitted. Service names must be unique to the user. When on a SkySQL Team service name must be unique to the team.